Widening your ATV the economical way


Widening your ATV, the economical way

 If you’re looking to widen your ATV by buying an axle and a set of A-arms and your jaw drops when you find out how much it’s going to cost you, don’t worry–there are other ways to do it if you’re on a budget, and UM Products has one. UM, which manufactures aluminum products for ATVs, has come out with a wheel spacer kit that allows you to widen your machine at a fraction of the cost of going the axle/A-arm route.

Basically, the wheel spacers bolt in between the hubs and the rims of your machine, increasing its overall width, and are held on by studs which screw on to your existing wheel studs and extend through the cast spacers. Installation is a snap and doesn’t take much time at all. By adding these spacers, you’ve increased the stability of your machine and improved its handling characteristics. The one drawback we found by adding the wheel spacers up front was that steering was slightly more difficult because of the now-wider wheelbase, as the steering ratios have changed. This is a minor inconvenience compared to how much money you’ll save by doing it this way rather than by other, more conventional means, however. We don’t recommend adding the spacers if you do a lot of jumping, though. While we know that they do hold up to the kind of abuse they’ll get under those conditions, it will definitely shorten their lifespan. The wheel spacers are made more for the recreational rider rather than for the racer.

The spacers we tested on our Polaris Predator were of nice quality and appearance. The only problem we had while installing them was that a few of the studs had burrs on the threads that caused a nut to seize up. We cleaned up the threads, everything went together smoothly and the handling of our test bike was greatly improved over stock.

If you’re looking to widen your ATV, are a recreational rider and on a budget, we highly recommend checking out UM Products’ wheel spacers. They’ll improve your machine’s handling and not empty your bank account. The spacers are available individually for the front or rear, and are also available for most current sport models. MSRP is $89.99 for the front kit and $89.99 for the rear.

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